Preparing For Your First Motorcycle Trip: Three Mistakes To Avoid

22 March 2016
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If you're planning to ring in the summer with your first real motorcycle road trip, it's important to take the time to prepare. The better prepared you are, the more successful the ride is likely to be for you. There are a few common mistakes that many new bike owners make when heading out on a long run for the first time. Here are a few things that you will want to be attentive to before you go out.  

Don't Discount the Weather Forecast

Check the forecast before you pack up your gear for the trip, but don't dismiss the chances of  rain even if the current weather station isn't forecasting it. Pack your rain gear just in case, because storms can come in quickly, catching you otherwise unprepared. Riding in the rain without rain gear can be uncomfortable. The velocity of the drops when you're traveling at speed can hurt, so plan ahead and make sure you have something to put on if the clouds turn to rain.

Skip the Backpack

If you'll be riding for a while, trade in the backpack for a set of saddlebags. Carrying a backpack makes things easy, but can be damaging to your back, especially on long runs. Not only that, but the backpack can alter your balance, making it harder for you to ride comfortably and safely. Instead, invest in saddlebags to store everything. That way, you can balance your belongings on either side of the bike, making it easier to travel without any concern for poor handling. If you have a bike that's not well-suited to saddlebags, you may want to buy an aftermarket storage rack instead. You can keep your belongings secure with a net that hooks onto the corners of the rack.  

Don't Exceed Your Comfort Zone

If you have never ridden for an extended period, you'll want to have something else to fall back on. This is particularly true if you're headed to a motorcycle event because you'll have to plan for all of the riding time once you get there. Sometimes, an enclosed trailer is the best way to go for your initial travel period, because it takes the stress off your body until the event happens. An enclosed motorcycle trailer keeps the bike safe and covered from the elements and road debris. The more proactive you can be about protecting your body from wear, the more enjoyable the event is likely to be.

No matter where you're headed, preparation is key to a successful first outing. Don't let yourself lose out on a great motorcycle run because of these mistakes. With the information here, you can be better prepared for whatever may come your way.