Key Questions To Ask When You Are Ready To Lease A Lexus

16 August 2017
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If you love the appeal of a Lexus and the lack of long-term responsibility associated with the lease of a luxury car, it is undoubtedly time to visit their car lot. However, it is important to note that even on the same make and model of that type of vehicle, there can be some flexibility as to the overall price and other pertinent details. Therefore, since leasing a Lexus can still be affordable, it's a good idea to ask the following questions when meeting with the vehicle acquisition associate:

What Kind Of Discounted Or Free Upgrades Can The Associate Get For You?

Although few people would be interested in driving a luxury car without the comfortable accommodations you would associate with it, you might be able to upgrade those features a bit more. For instance, you might find that you can upgrade key aspects of the audio system for free or for a reduced cost. Alternatively, the leasing agent may be able to procure a Lexus in your area that is available for lease in your favorite hue, so it might not be necessary to settle for the stock colors you see on the lot.  

However, you should keep in mind that if you cannot access the upgraded vehicle with improved features prior to signing the lease, it's rarely possible for you to do so after. Modifications of that type are usually limited to vehicle owners. Sadly, if you make any permanent changes to the leased vehicle, you might find yourself with a hefty bill at the end of the lease for doing so.    

Are Any Of The Up-front Fees Negotiable?

Another consideration to allow for pertains to the initial fees associated with acquiring your lease. For example, you are likely to learn about an acquisition fee and a cap cost. The acquisition fee lives up to its name, in that it's literally the fee you pay for getting the car in the first place. The cap cost can best be described as being the price the car would sell for if it were not being leased. That number impacts your cost since the value of the vehicle and its eventual resale value are considered when determining an appropriate lease cost.  

By extension, you need to be familiar with the cap cost reduction, since it reflects anything that reduces the cost of the vehicle. Common examples include sales on the car in question, manufacturer warranties, and trade-ins. Since you want to lease a Lexus and the leasing expert wants to make a deal, don't be afraid to have that person advocate on your behalf for a better price.  

In conclusion, leasing a Lexus provides the appearance of wealth and comfort without the high cost of ownership or the long-term responsibilities of actually buying that vehicle. As a result, it's best to ask the above questions of the leasing expert when you are negotiating the terms of acquiring your new car. 

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