3 Signs A Used Vehicle May Actually Be A Smart Buy

26 October 2017
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You should consider many factors when you decide to buy a car. Make and model are important, but deciding between a used or new vehicle is also something to consider. Fortunately, you can save money and get the make and model you want by choosing a used model that is just a few years old. Of course,  not every used vehicle is a smart investment, so you must learn the signs that a used vehicle is in good running condition. If you notice the following signs, the pre owned car you are considering is most likely a good buy.

One Owner

In today's world, most people do not keep vehicles long. If you find a used vehicle that is being sold by the one and only owner, you are most likely getting a good vehicle.

A person that is the original owner has been the only one to drive the vehicle, so they know the quality and value of it. By keeping the vehicle for a few years before upgrading to something different, they probably liked owning the vehicle.

In addition, this one owner was likely the only person to service the vehicle, which means they have information on past services and repairs.

Service Records

If you find a used vehicle that includes records, whether written on paper or printed from a shop or dealership, consider buying it.

Records that show proof of service, basic maintenance, and repairs mean the vehicle was cared for. In most cases, these records prove the vehicle has been well-maintained, which mean the vehicle runs well and is valuable.

Right Price

If you are shopping at a dealership, used car lot, or through an individual, pay attention to how the vehicle is priced. Most dealerships and used car lots inflate their prices because they know buyers are going to negotiate the cost down. However, dealers have the room to negotiate because they purchased the vehicle through an auction using their dealer license.

Individual sellers may also inflate the price of their vehicle, but only slightly, since they know its true value and lack the room to negotiate with buyers.

If the price of the used vehicle is well over the actual value recommended by Kelly Blue Book, be leery of the vehicle.

It is important to note that other factors determine the quality of a used vehicle. Before making any purchase, consider hiring a mechanic to inspect the used vehicle thoroughly.