3 Important Things To Check Before Buying A Used Farm Truck

30 November 2017
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With profit margins slim and a need to keep tabs on all outgoing expenses, investing in a brand new pickup for use on your farm can be out of the question. Thankfully, a lot of farmers let their farm vehicles go long before they have reached the end of their lifespan, so buying a used model is usually an option. The only thing is, when you buy a pickup that has already been used on a farm, you need to make sure it is still sound. Here is a look at some of the things you should check before buying a used pickup that served as a farm vehicle. 

Check out the bed of the truck

Farm trucks get used for everything from hauling hay to hauling feed and fertilizer, which means the bed of any pickup on the farm can be put through the ringer. Before you buy a used pickup from another farmer, make sure you climb up on the bed of the truck and take a look. Check for things like:

  • deep scratches or holes 
  • obvious signs of rust and deterioration
  • major dents or pits in the floor

While a truck bed can be repaired, this can be a costly endeavor, so anything that has damaged beyond cosmetic scratches and scrapes should be avoided. 

Take a look at the frame of the truck

Farm trucks are put through a great deal as they are used to complete everyday tasks. The vehicle may be used for heavy hauling along terrain that is not so level and easy going, and unfortunately, this can lead to frame damage. Make sure you take the time to climb beneath the truck and inspect the frame for signs of damage, bends, and flaws that could make the vehicle highly unstable. 

Inspect the truck's interior

The interior of the truck is bound to be a little less clean and fresh after it has been used on a farm. However, you don't want to inherit a farm truck that has sustained any kind of water damage inside of the cab. Water damage may show up as mold or mildew on cloth interior coverings, such as the headliner or in the seats. If you smell anything funky inside the truck's cab or notice any obvious signs of water damage, it is best to avoid the vehicle. These kinds of damages are hard to repair and there could be underlying issues that are not immediately obvious. 

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