Five Modern Car Features That Are Great For Kids

26 September 2018
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If you have a few little ones in tow, then you will need to keep them in mind as you select a vehicle. The right car does not just have enough room for them -- it will be a space where they feel comfortable and entertained, even on long rides. Here are five kid-friendly modern car features you'll find in new cars, such as new Hondas

Entertainment Systems

Many car companies have partnered with Android or Apple to include entertainment systems in their vehicles. You can plug in your smartphone or tablet, and let the kids watch their favorite shows throughout the drive. Some systems even allow the kids to play games. Each can plug in their own Bluetooth headphones and listen to different music or television since there are individual connections at each seat.

On-Board Vacuums

This one is more for parents, but it sure comes in handy when you have kids! An on-board vacuum lets you skip those trips to the car car center and saves you from spending half the morning in the driveway, pulling the house vacuum out to meet your vehicle. In most cars, the vacuum stashes neatly under the seat, so it does not get in the way when not in use.

Build-in Tailgate Bench

When you take the kids on picnics, imagine having a place to sit behind the car. Some cars now have foldout benches in the back, so you can tailgate without having to pack chairs. This feature tends to be found in hatchback models and mini-vans.

On-Board Coolers

When you're on a road trip and the kids want a snack, you're left to either feed them packaged foods like crackers, or lug along a big cooler. This isn't the case when your car has built-in coolers! Most have refrigerating units, so you never have to add ice or ice packs. Just keep a few beverages and chilled snacks handy, and you won't have to stop for snacks or drinks as often on those long drives.

Reclining Seats

Reclining seats are far from the latest technology, but they are being included in cars more often -- and kids love them. There's something about having control over their own seat position that makes kids feel delighted and excited. Look for reclining seats, and you won't have to hear so many complaints of "I'm uncomfortable," particularly on those longer drives.

With the options above, you and your kids will be riding in style.