It's Not An "Innie"; It's An "Audi"! What You Can Expect From The Navel Of Modern German Auto Engineering

21 September 2019
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Germans have boasted their extensive technological advances and modern German engineering for years. Yet, when you see some of the latest cars, especially the concept cars from companies like Audi, you may just nod your head in agreement. Here is what you can expect from the navel of modern German auto engineering, both in cars currently available, and in cars to come. 

The Electric Models That Go Farther and Charge Faster

Sure, American car manufacturers have electric cars, but not like this. German-made electric cars are designed to go anywhere from two hundred to four hundred miles on a single charge without needing any recharging. If you still want to charge the vehicle, there are quick-charge stations that can power up the vehicle in minutes, not hours. If you only drive for your morning and evening commute of thirty miles or less per day, you could easily go a week or more to and from work without having to charge up the vehicle.  

The CVT, or Continuously Variable Transmission

Imagine having only "reverse" and "drive" as your options in your car. That is what a CVT, or continuously variable transmission, looks like. You never have to manually shift into any gear, nor do you have multiple shifting options on the automatic transmission stick. The transmission and onboard computer work together to determine your speed and the related gear that you need to have in operation, and the car automatically shifts over to that gear. 

Three-Zone, Automatic Climate Control

Some cars will have heated seats and cooling vents just for the driver. Other cars will have it for both driver and front passenger. Rarely is it a thing for any car to have it for driver, front passenger, and back seat. That is what this three-zone climate control technology is, and better yet, it automatically controls the temperature. It will pick up on the temperature outside the vehicle, and adjust the temperature inside the vehicle to keep everyone warm and toasty, or cool and comfy. You really do not need to push any buttons or program anything, unless you are very particular about the temperature. 

Up Ahead Dash Technology

It is not very safe to be looking down at anything too long. That is why you can look up, straight ahead at the road, and still see your speed, the temperature of the interior of the car, the temperature outside, the distance you have traveled, and more. Special cameras project all of this information onto the lower part of the windshield in front of the driver.