3 Reasons You Need a UTV Trailer for Your Homestead

23 March 2022
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Homesteading is becoming more and more popular as people seek a simpler, more self-sufficient lifestyle. However, living on a homestead isn't easy, and modern technology has a critical place in making this lifestyle possible for more people. Side-by-sides or UTVs are one excellent technological tool for reducing the workload necessary to maintain a large property.

If you already have a UTV on your homestead, adding a trailer can be a great way to make this vehicle even more versatile and valuable. Keep reading for three ways that a utility trailer can help turn your UTV into an all-purpose homesteading machine.

1. Increased Storage Capacity

Side-by-sides offer a surprising amount of storage capacity, but even UTVs with truck beds pale compared to the cargo capacity found on pickup trucks. If you're like many homesteaders, you probably use your UTV as a way to get around your property and as a rolling toolbox. Unfortunately, the tools and equipment necessary for jobs such as fence repairs can quickly fill the tiny bed in a typical side-by-side.

A utility UTV trailer will help you haul more gear anywhere you need it on your property. This extra storage space can be valuable when undertaking substantial projects, such as installing new fences or building poultry coops.

2. Better All-Weather Hauling

One of the main advantages that UTVs have over tractors is their relatively small size and lightweight. A 4x4 UTV can traverse rugged terrain, and it can do so while causing substantially less damage than a heavier tractor or pickup truck. If you've ever driven your tractor over wet, muddy ground, you know it can leave ruts and cause quite a bit of damage.

By adding a trailer to your UTV, you'll have the extra cargo capacity to tackle projects, even on wet and rainy days. Instead of waiting until you can use a truck or your tractor with a bucket attachment, you can load up your lighter UTV and trailer to get right to work. This advantage also extends to reaching areas on your property that may be too tight for a larger vehicle.

3. More Capabilities

If you choose to buy a dump trailer for your UTV, you can improve its capabilities and overall capacity. A dump trailer will allow you to use this versatile vehicle for bulk hauling, such as moving soil, compost, or wood chips around your property. While you may still need to use larger vehicles for major projects, a UTV with a dump trailer is a great way to move small amounts of bulk goods around your land.

UTVs are already fast, light, and adaptable, making them an indispensable tool on nearly any homestead. By adding a utility trailer to your side-by-side, you can turn this capable vehicle into a true workhorse.