5 Tips For Test-Driving A New Vehicle

15 December 2022
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Have you decided that you want to purchase a new vehicle, but you want to take it out for a test drive before you decide on actually buying it? If so, you'll want to follow these tips for going out on your test-drive.

Ask To Take The Vehicle Out Alone 

The salesman at the dealership may want to go with you for the test-drive, but insist that you want to take the vehicle out alone. You'll be much more comfortable driving the vehicle how you want to drive it, and without the distractions of somebody talking to you during the test-drive. You'll also be able to take your time and make sure that you do everything you want to do.

Bring Other Drivers In The Family

It's important that you also take anybody else with you that will be driving the vehicle since they should be able to test drive it as well. It also gives those people the opportunity to sit in the other parts of the car and see how comfortable it is. You may discover that they are uncomfortable sitting in the back with a lack of legroom, or that their heads are practically touching the top of the car. 

Adjust Everything To Your Preferences

Do not be afraid to change the settings of the vehicle to your preferences before you start the test drive. Make sure that the seat is in the right position, the mirrors are angled correctly, and the steering wheel is at the right height. This is how you are going to be driving the car, and you want to make sure that you can move all of those things in a position that works best for you. 

Try A Variety Of Road Conditions

It is always worth taking the vehicle on a variety of different road conditions. Don't feel like you should only drive around the block a few times with it. You'll want to try going on the freeway where you are accelerating quickly, through local city driving that's stop and go, and even going up and down hills in your area. If you just drive around the block a few times you won't get a real feel for what the vehicle is like. 

Test Out The Vehicle's Features

You should also try out all of the extra features that are not necessarily part of the driving experience. Turn on the heated seats, play with the radio and navigation system, and do anything else that interests you. You may discover that they are hard to control when driving, especially if there are no physical buttons and everything is on a touch screen. 

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